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Many thanks for uploading Impression:KD_British_departing.JPG. I observe the impression webpage at present would not specify who established the content, Hence the copyright standing is unclear. If you have not designed this media oneself then you have to argue that we have the appropriate to make use of the media on Wikimedia Commons (see copyright tagging below).

Hello Deror avi, as you'll be able to see at COM:UDEL, I have restored the 4 recordings. Provided that the 4 recordings are derived is effective which are excempt from copyright limitations as They may be thought of incidental, it might be perhaps beneficial to create a template similar to FoP-Israel which refers to COM:DM#Israel.

Make sure you keep in mind to answer and – if appropriate – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which target the nominator will not have an affect on the result of the nomination. Thanks!

אני יודע שהלמ"ס מנסה לסובב כל מיני נתונים, ויש לי מה לענות -

I wasn't mindful of the existance of that webpage right before, but i am stunned that someone just deletes a complete bunch of items devoid of sending a question or warning for the uploader??? I was not knowledgeable about any alter/dialogue on this make a difference. present you precise click here Net broadband speed take a look at. Verify what down load and add speed that you are acquiring from the ISP?

לא ברחתי, עזבתי. אף אחד לא הכריח אותי לעזוב. ולא כי הרגשתי בבונקר אלא כי הרגשתי כנשדד בסמטה חשוכה על ידי אנשים עם אידאולוגיה זרה לי לחלוטין.

Thanks for uploading Picture:P4160108.JPG. I recognize the graphic webpage currently will not specify who created the articles, so the copyright position is unclear. When you've got not made this media on your own then you should argue that we have the ideal to utilize the media on Wikimedia Commons (see copyright tagging under).

 רוב הישראלים שהגרו לקנדה או אוסטרליה לא מרגישים בבית ולכן מתאגדים  בקהילות ישראליתיהודיות שיוצרת התבדלות מקומית.

File:Naharia_IMG_1163.jpg is listed at Commons:Deletion requests so which the Neighborhood can talk about whether or not it should be saved or not. We'd enjoy it if you can go to voice your belief relating to this at its entry.

The license on more mature visuals should really get replaced with an improved and a lot more certain license/permissions and you may assist by checking the photographs and introducing PD-self When you are the creator or on the list of other templates you could see during the template to the impression webpage.

Can you aid me in making an attempt to be aware of where by this confusion about "used" or "practical" emanates from? I mean why would the "inaccurate" translation from the Israeli authorities use "utilized art". Could it be perhaps the circumstance which the text are similar in Hebrew and it is simple to create a blunder?

יצא לי פעם להעביר כמה שעות עם איזו קנדית אחת, שיעממה אותי טילים...

ואז התחילה להתגבר ההסתה בארץ כלפי "השונה והאחר", והבנתי שאני לא שותק יותר, וכן, חזרתי למה שאני יודע לעשות, ובשמי הגלוי, בלי להתחבא מאחורי כינויים.

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